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The Spirit

Oh the book of prophesy

Time’s end is at hand
The writer sentence to the rock
Sees visions of the end
Write the word that’s spoken
Write the things you see
Send it to the seven churches
For all the world, creation heed
And the spirit to the church says
And the spirit to the church says
To the churches give instruction
I’m the way to be redeemed
Shine the light of my induction
Tell them I will set them free
This you have I know it’s true
You hate the deeds men of evil do
Like the fate of Jezebel
I gave them time and they choose hell
To the churches now you write
I know your deeds, I know your flight
When the devil drags you down
I’m your defense I am your crown
And when you’re feeling on the spot
You're nether cool  you're nether hot
So filthy rich, a heart of stone
Repent, seek me at the fathers throne

Ride to Kill


Look behold a white horse rides
To conquer and to curse
A second seal a call to war
The red horse rides the verse
He’s granted to take peace from earth
And causes men to slay
The broken seals are haunting man
Prepare for judgment day
Come break the seals
The horseman rides to kill
Come break the seals
It’s the end of time but we don’t mind
When He broke the third seal
I heard the elders say
Come and look upon the horse
The black horse rides today
First famine rides then people die
The ashen horse is on its way
It’s the end of the world
That’s what the people say
Look behold the ashen horse
With death upon the seat
He uses famine and pestilence
He even kills with beasts



The angel sounds his trumpet
A star falls from the sky
With key in hand to open
And smoke it fills the sky
From the cloud things appear
To torment man to make them fear
Oh the evil
Seeking death but can not die
Here the trumpet blast the sound
On and on
No relief to be found
On and on
The things were like a scorpion
With accuracy they strike
And cries of pain would rumble
Through out the hellish night
And the woe with all it brings
Commanded by their evil king
Oh Apollyon
The king of death the king of night
The things were like the horses
Prepared for battles end
To torment all of mankind
The fruit of all their sin



Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man;and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.
Rev 13:18 (NASU)

And I saw another beast
Rise  from the earth.
To exercise authority
On the dwellers of the earth.
He performs the miracles
In the presents of the beast.
And those who do not worship him
Soon they’ll be deceased.
When the church is gone
And the beast rides high.
They’ll shake their fists,
And curse at the sky.
A hot wind races toward them,
It’s coming from the east.
   As they choose to die or take,                          
The mark of the beast. 
He causes all, the great,
The small, the rich, and the poor.
To take the mark upon their hand
Or buy and sell no more.
Those who take the beastly brand
They’ll drink the wine of wrath,
Full strength in a cup of anger,
fiery flames, a fiery path.

Babylon the Great


Walking the street like a hoar in the night
It is you
Drinking the blood of the merchants like wine
till you’re through
Riding the back of the beast and
distorting the truth
The wine of her passion flows freely
And given to you

Fallen, fallen Babylon
She’s Babylon the great!!!
one hour comes your time is here
Eternal smoke unto her fate
Her day of plagues have just begun
Eternity will never wait

Kingdoms you trusted will soon be
A knife in your back
The mother of harlots who’s drunk
From the blood of the saints
A plethora of sins piled as high as
The heavenly gates
The queen who has boasted and
Now meets a widowers fate

All your lies, your demise
from the sky
soon you  fall and fall and
Fallen, fallen, fallen, fall

Witness destruction and the fall of Babylon

Alfa & Omega


I saw the river of life
Flowing from the throne
Ending the curse, the curse of time
For all of those He’s known

Outside the gates are liars
That’s how the story goes
Inside it’s one big party
And everybody knows

That He’s the Alfa and Omega
Beginning and the End
He puts the lighting in my thunder
He’s coming back again

With the mane of God
On their forehead
No need to light the day
He said I’m coming quickly
For those who’ve come my way

The Vision


Standing at the door
It opened to the light
His majesty sat at the throne
A jasper stone in sight
24  before Him
The elders cast their crowns
On a sea of glass they bow
To an awesome God,  an awesome power
Now your view is in tomorrow
As you focus in to sight
Where the  bone meets the marrow
And the lighting cracks the sky
Hear the mighty thunder rolling
As the end begins to near-ah
And the prophecy’s you’re given
Now the prophecy’s are here.
In the right hand
Books and seals abound
And no one there to open
No not one could be found
The Lamb who was broken
Was slain but yet alive
Receiving power and wisdom
And holy they all  cried

He Reigns


After this I saw four angels
Holding back winds of the earth in the sky
Another with the seal of God
To place upon the chosen
The number that I heard was magnified
Salvation belongs to our God and to the Lamb
Who was slain
Salvation belongs to our God He paid the price
And now he reigns
After this I saw a multitude
From every tongue and tribe all dressed in robes
They stood before the thorn
And on their face they praised Him
The mighty Lamb who sets upon the throne
Who is this God who stretched the heaven
The universe His throne and the martyrs sang

The 7th Trumpet


Take and measure the temple site
Leave the courts out, out of sight
Witnesses roaming and walking the wall
Flamethrower mouthpieces devourer all
Power to shut up the heavens and sky
Striking the earth with their plagues till they die
The beast who makes war will come up from abyss
Ending their lives crushing them with his fist
Their dead bodies lay
The crowd they seem surprised
They’re trading gifts and celebrate
the witnesses demise
But they don’t know the score
three days down not one day more
From the depths of hell they rise
they set the bar and tip the scale
The angel sounds the 7th trumpet,
Christ kingdom is now here to stay
The elders who sit at the throne
fall to their faces and they praise
Here the comes King

Bowls of Wrath


A voice from the temple shouts
Pour the seven bowls
Earth dwellers with the beastly mark
Pick at malignant, loathsome sores
And like a dead mans blood
To rivers and to springs
Blood of Satins prophets yeah
A righteous judgment from the King
Yes O’God  Almighty
Righteousness your judgment brings
Tread the winepress of your wrath
Your are the King of Kings
Swing the sickle reap the earth 
Let judgment ring
To the horses noise blood flows
A payment of iniquity
Scorching men with fire
They gnaw their tongue and blaspheme
End of an evil age its conqueror
The King of King’s
Yes O’God Almighty
Judgment time done justly
Spread your wrath abundantly upon the earth and sea
Yes O’God Almighty
Righteousness your judgment brings
Tread the wrath of your winepress
For all the world to see

Reap the Flesh

Robed with white fine linen
His bride behind the truth
He’s waging war and concerning
false prophet and the beast are through
His robe is dipped and stained with blood
His eye’s a flame of fire
To take abominations sons
To squeeze the press to judge defilers
Reaping the flesh
Birds of prey they hover
A feast is called to earth
The doom of kingdoms power
The final kingdom curse
Fly down to devour
Ripping hearts and flesh
Birds of prey where dead men lay
And take their finial breath
The birds of prey they gather
The finial feast delight
The scoffers and the blasphemers
They’ve got them in their sight
And know the beast and prophet
Thrown in the lake of fire
To burn in their eternity
Their flesh to feed eternal fire
Tierney is over
Evils overthrown
Satan cast into the pit
It’s his eternal throne
Through the smoke and fire
He’ll give another try
Disintegrated instantly

Into the lake now say goodbye​

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