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The Calf



(Golden Calf, You’re the Calf)


Do ya feel it

Coming closely

Time will tell its tale

In our image

We’re so mighty

Up until we fail


And so we built a Golden Calf

For all the world to see

Created with our mighty hands

It’s everything you want to be

We polish off the sin and stain

And fall down on our knees

Look closely in the mirrored beast

The Calf will never set you free


Feel the power

Full of envy

What we know so well

With our stiff neck

And our judgment

We’ve become the vail


Look into the mirror

Everything’s so clear

Now I see

The Golden Calf

Gazing back at me

Another Day



See that no one brings you down

Many come to claim my crown

To mislead and to destroy


Hearing rumors and of war 

Things I've already exposed

See that you're not fearful

Breathe the words that I've been saying


Well it's just another day

And I see the end in sight

As the earth is scrolled away

By a Thief in the night

See the writing on the wall

As the kings begin to fall

Oh it's just another day

Well it's just another day


In the end nations will bleed

They'll be kingdoms against king

They’ll be earthquake in the night


In your tribulation pain

To be killed, My Blood in vain

Here’s were love has grown so cold (so cold)

And I'm just singin


This is how you pray

Father Hollowed be Your Name

Can there be another way

Or is this just another day


And I’m just singin

Oh it’s just another day

Well it's just another day

Psalm 23


My God who lacks nothing

He sets up my day

Leads me to the water

Refresh me today

Guiding me along the paths for His Name sake

Through the darkest valley I remain


I will fear no evil

I will fear no evil


Your here always with me

Your staff guilds my way

You set up the table

My foes run away

Surly goodness and love will follow

All my life   all my days


Though I walk through the valley today

You'll be there guiding my way

Lay me down in green pastures of love

I will dwell in your house up above



Scream! from The Mountaintop walk me down by the river

King! I wear the crown of thorns your Salvation I will deliver

Shine! I am the Light I’m the sign of the apocalypse

Rise! from the gutter we will disappear forever


Bow before your Master take all that you’re worth

Look out for the coming that I unleash on this earth


Scream! from the mouth of God spewing out man’s religion

King! I have the falling of wings my salvation I am The Sinner

Shine on! In the night I'm your Everlasting Light

Rise! Up From the Ashes we’ll escape damnation


Rise for your Master take all that you’re worth

Look out for disaster that I unleash on this earth

For I am the king


You will rise from the gutter

And We will disappear

If you bow before your Master

Before the inevitable disaster appears



Heal! Repent! Rise!

For I am the King!


Shine I am the light I’m the sign of the Apocalypse

Rise Up from the gutter we will disappear

Forever the King!

Fine Line


Out in the reeling places
Out on a distant shore
Your love came shinning down
Still I'm there for more
You breathe the breath that’s in me
You know my every need
You’ve come to consecrate me
You came to set me free


And when I run away
I've come to say
I can explain


I walk on a fine line
An endless night I hear You callin
I'm living on borrowed time
There ant no time and I'll be callin You


You are my reason
I see You on the distant shore
I'm living in treason
I'm hoping that Your love endures
Cause You breathe the breath that’s in me
And You know my every need
You’ve come to consecrate me
You came to set me free

Stormy Night



Whenever I'm falling free, You call to me, You're there for me

I am illusive in my heart.

There was a time You called my name, I gave You everything to blame

I'm just a fool being torn apart

It's a cold and stormy night

And I fear I've lost my way

(The) a chance that I might follow You is haunting me today

It's a cold and lonely night

And I think I've lost my way

No self-control a long lost soul to fight another day

Weakness inside of me, my path revels my history

Always convinced I'll find my way

But You are the one I need You've shown me so convincingly    

A fool can't wait another day

Oh see me falling

See me crying 

See me on my knees    

Help me Jesus  

Please forgive me

Oh Lord set me free




Oh this cities cold and angry

With curses, hate, and all those head games

I've been banging on this six string

Trying to get it right

Hell is standing at the bar stool

But still I'm doing fine



I'm so fragile

Until you deal

You’ll set there (and break your will)

So fragile


Say this sinners set for glory

Chained to life and that's my story

The devils dealing out the end game

his aim is right on site

I'm weak and sitting at the bar stool

How can I win tonight


Take your aim and point your guns at me

Take your time cause I have been set free

Hell To Pay

 Torture on the earth

The chosen are unveiled

Horror, Earth shall mourn

For flying off the rails


The seal is broke it has begun

The tribulation wrath

We’ve told you bout the end of time

We’ve told you bout The Path


Coming in a cloud of glory

Judgment day has come

He’ll return to crush deceivers

Awe The Risen (Chosen) One


The trumpets blasting out their scorn

The chosen are unveiled

In horror all the earth shall morn

Man’s flying off the rails


And as hell comes reigning down

On that judgment day

Curses will be on their lips

Now its hell to pay


Marching off to meet hells fury

Judgment day has come

He’ll return to crush the demon

Reigning from Above

The Fall



Blessed is the man who walks not in the darkness

Nor stands in the way of iniquity

Or setting in the seat of scoffers and of vandals   

Pursuing judgement day the final destiny


It started from The Fall

We fear the face of man

And don't fear God at all

And when His reign comes down

Your knee will bend and All will bow


Like the tree that's planted by the streams of water

Bring forth the seasons fruit

Wicked men are like the chaff the winds are blowing

Nor sinners congregate in our Gods way


You fear mans Face

But we’re just Fallen

God Is God


I was seeing creatures fall from the sky

I heard Satan whisper gleam in my eye

Went searching for the father it’s confession day

You’ll hang till the morning then they’ll take you away


God is God!


Wake up the souls are burning and spreading fast

Strip bare from their religion and innocence

You look to the beholder he always knows

the weakness it devours as your power grows

We travel back to Sacred times

To the days when Spirits fly


Nail Me to the Cross hang My head in shame

Rip the cloth that makes Me Holy

Lay Me in the dirt you like to rest Me in

But in your soil I only grow

I only grow


Wake up The Souls of burnin

It spreads across the sky

Look in the eyes of the Beholder

Before you die


God is God, God is God, God is God!

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