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The Blade
Molten lava cracks the earth
As smoke ascends from hell
The hammer and the anvil strike
To forge the molten steel
The curse is now upon the earth
And rage has set the stage
The pointed blades sent straight from hell
In hand the master sage

Arising sin
The Blade that’s from the pit it stirs within
Let it begin
A strike and in a flash the cursing ends

He claws his way from deep within
With souls who’ve lost their way
Ascending from the dragons nest
To confuse and to sway
To bring a reign of Tierney
And rip the fiery veal
He is the king of judgment now
He’s reining straight from hell

Crying in the Night

I see the world a changing
All the nations seem persuaded
We’re marching forward to the day
With wars and famine feasting
On our fears and decimating
There’s got to be another way

To the thirsty men whose destined
Now to surly stumble
And to the ones who seek the Vail

No more crying in the night
Oh humility
No more pain and sleepless nights
Finally I’m free

No dark secretes haunting me
In eternity

You can see a distant light
Bright for all to see

The empty suits are leading
With talk that’s cheep and wallets bleeding
Revealing plans to save the day
The radars showing signs
The end of days are end of time
And now you know no other way

Endless Night

At the first the energy
The molding of the ages
There foundations set in stone
A mist the turning pages
Ancient days have long since know
The prophecies a waiting
Sacrifices long ago
Set up the times are hasting

And we watch the endless night
Slowly turn to glory
And a world so full of life
Folding true to story

As we crest forsaken tides
When the world starts burning
And the loved ones left behind
The time is now for turning
Our last flight the trumpet’s call
A flash we’re gone a new day
You can fight or come along
Let’s taste of life a new way


United Nations scheming
They’re in the headlines glare
And we’re just speculating
Where we’ll go from here
World markets crashing daily
Giving into our fears
And we don’t know just
What abominations breeding here

Oh, here comes the new world order
1. Devils on his shoulder
2. Babylon is fallen
Start running for the boarder

World government colliding
Foot in the end time snare
We’ve beat the drum of reason
No one seems to care
Terrorist militias mounting 
The words forgotten tears
And now the end is at the door
It’s at the door insisting

Hell Blade

And he walked out from the sea into the city
To set his rule and be a king
And the people of the world saw he was mighty
Amazing peace that he will bring

Now bow to me
Exalting me
(Hell Blade!!!)
With me you’ll be

Hell Blade
Hell Blade coming
(From the sea)
Hell Blade
Hell Blade coming
(The cursing)
(No mercy)

From the darkened pit he rises up to power
To builds a throne with his armies
On the temple mound he sets up to devour
All the earth is sure to see
Know bow to me

Underneath the city
A Times End story told
Were mutants and the likes of men
Cling to live and hold
The synch is overwhelming
The Hell Blade calls them in
To seize, capture, and destroy
The likeness of all men
The curse is now among them
The final curtains close
And all the people of the earth
Have seen what was foretold
And death is what awaits them
The fire and the coals

Too The Cross

Johnson / Lynch

As you’re pulled with in
Temptations casually blind you
Applauding those who fear
And those who simply fade
And as you face their backs
Betrayal is among them
So take your best step back
Give it your all
You know there’s just one way

To the cross
To the cross

The darkened clouds approach
And sundown is upon them
The earth is quaking now
The fighting’s just begun
Rumors, terror, and war
The fig is ripe and ready
At tribulations door
Give it to God
You know He is the way

To the cross
To the cross

The end is now
The end is today
The horror and fear and death
Are coming our way
Face what you see
Drop to your knees
Prepare to receive
What you can’t conceive
The cross is the way
The cross is today

Hell Train

Johnson / DiMeglio / Lynch

Louie screams with laughter
Has all the sin I’m after
This train is long and full of pain
The boxcars filled with sorrow
Believe the lies that he’s told
The train is empty and in vain

Welcome come to a life insane
Welcome to the hell bound train

It’s dark and cold inside
The sun it never rises
When you ride the hell bound train
He tells of warmth and praises
The train is only mazes
All aboard the hell bound train

You and Me

Johnson / Lynch

Can’t ya feel the fire inside
Can’t ya feel the glory
The excitement mesmerize
As we tell the story
There’s a kingdom far away
But not too far to here you
Come along and sing this song
Sing along and renew

You and me
Standing in the light before us
Never see
It lights through out the day
The kingdom lights the way

Like a trumpet in the night
And the thunders glory
All creations bow to might
To the throne of glory
In this kingdom that has come
Every day’s a new day
Come along and sing this song
Sing along a new way



Through the sleepless night and life’s constraints
As death creeps slowly
You watch the pages fade away
As lighting streaks cross the sky that’s burning slowly
You know your life could end today

He’s the SinnerPeace
The Knight that’s shinning
Full of glory
He’s your inner peace
He casts His light as He goes before me

There’s a distant scare reminds me of a life before you
Reminiscent of the day
A troubled time I walked and darkness dose surround me
Through jaded paths I found my way

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