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Half A Times Measure

And you should see it
The faces of pain
Death has his grip on them in the rail cars
The monsters insane.

Four years of torment
Forgotten alone
How long oh Lord will you leave us to die?
Forsaking your own.

(In the rail cars rage and hate)
(Consumed the Aryan smile)
(Out cast Jew to met their fate)
(Convicted with no trial.)

(Times, Times tickin half a times measure)
(Times, Times tickin half a time)
(Times, Times tickin half a times measure)
(Times, Times tickin time)

And the subhuman
Lead by the clone’s purification of all of mankind
The burning cargo
The final solution
The scapegoats in play
Still twitching alive in the railcars of death
Their gassing today

Heinrich’s henchmen play their cards
As Hitler takes the lead
So many wars will come and go
As prophesy proceeds
The center stage is Israel
The place and the crime scene
A sign that leads us to the end
The time is here lets not pretend

Everlasting God


You created the sun in the sky
You created the night
With Your power wisdom and strength
You created the light
You created this world from a void
You created the story told

You are the everlasting God
You are the One we bring our praise to
You are the everlasting God
You are the One we sing our praise to

You created the oceans and rain
You created the desert plain
With Your power and Your might
You created the blood in my veins
You created the song that I’m singing
You created the beat my hearts beating

You are the everlasting God
You are the One we bring our praise to
You are the everlasting God
You are the One we sing our praise to

The Judas in Me


Holy moly
Caught in the rainbows end
Got to get my grip before I give in
Oh deceiver calling on apostasy
Caught in your snare of iniquity
And now I’m falling

Kicked and scratched and bruised
As You take the cross for me
It’s so sad you see
Free the Judas in me

Armed and ready
You brought in your attack
You stuck it to me in the back
Silver Shekels
Hung by the Judas tree
You found the wickedness in me
And now I’m crawling



I came across a smoking field, pulsating afterglow
I saw a seering flash of light erupt and skyward go
I staggered back in dazed surprise
What was it I had seen?
And as I stood there mesmerized I heard my spirit scream

Invader invader nearby
Invader, invader is nigh

This is the first of more to come in carefully planned attacks
If it is so we must prepare defenses to fight back
The call is out throughout the world
United we must stand
To build a line, strategic force, they will not take a man

Invader invader nearby
Invader, invader is nigh

When they come to take control every man must play his role
They wont take our world away when the children we leave
Will have to believe in today

We warn you now you things out there
Whatever you may send
We wont give in without a fight, a fight until the end
With vigilance by day and night our scanners trace the sky
A shield is sealed upon this earth, a shield you wont get by

Invader invader nearby
Invader, invader is nigh



Hot rockin
Dressed to kill my face on a dollar bill
Those were the best days of my life
I’m just a prisoner of the past
I’m gonna make it I can last
The hourglass has turned to stone
On this earth to roam alone
Won’t you help me
Yes I’m beggin you today
And I know your gonna say
That I’m

Lost in the eighty’s
VanHalen Blvd
When Schenker rocked the world
I wanna be a rock star
Down to the valley
The valley of the Preist

Black leather
All studs
Arena #1
Those were the best
Years of my life
I’m just a prisoner lost in time
Looking for something I can’t find
I put the Metal to the test
I’m wanna rock I’ll never rest
Won’t you help me
Yes I’m beggin you today
And I know your gonna say
That I’m

God or the devil
God or the devil

Terror in the Sky

See the Son glow
Up in the night
God sent holy solders
Through the sky
Whitehorse swings the sickle
The One with the flaming eyes
Until the curse is all but over
Here’s your pair of dice

You can feel it in the air
And your heart is filled with terror

Crushing boulders
Fall from the sky
As defiant earth dwellers
Curse and cry
Whitehorse and His conquerors
Fine linen and dresses in white
The end of earth, heaven, and skies
End of paradise

Matt 24:29-31
29 "But immediately after the tribulation of
AND THE STARS WILL FALL from the sky, and
The powers of the heavens will be shaken.

                                            You see the end is calling
Calling out through the ages
Crime scene’s of past and present
Mysteries of turning pages
(Into a never ending end)

Crime Scene Earth


Let’s begin and tell the story from the 1st
When Adam took the deadly bite
That began the curse
Now the yoke of sin and hate
Lurking at the door
With one mans sin we shall die
The sacrifices pour

Crime scene Earth
See the cattails ripping off His flesh
Crime scene earth
Where the nails were pound and His side was pierced
Crime scene earth
Hear His innocent blood scream forgive
Crime scene earth

The prophecies of ancient days
Have now been complete
The veil has ripped the serpent crushed
Pummeled in defeat
On a cross of shame he hanged
A sore for eyes to see
A sacrifice of love to man
And in the Son you’re free

If the devil only knew His cross would break the curse
He would have fled 10,000 miles instead he gave his worst

Too Many


I’ve read the book of mysteries
And pondered by the sea
About a world broke in two
And how it came to be
When guidelines set before us
From The Ancient of Days
In time we took the easy road
And went out our own way

Too many People
Living in darkness and fear
Too many faces
Refusing to look in the mirror
Too many leaders
Forgetting the foundation laid
Too many preachers
Forgetting the price that was paid

And through the ages
We have seen morality decay
The way the world the flesh the devil
Has pulled us all astray
We turned our backs on righteousness
We are men with out guile
We spared the rod spoiled the child
We’re living in a world gone wild

And the world is spinning out of our control
Our liberties and justice all but gone
And as liberalism flourished and abound
We flew the flag of our own choice
And wonder what went wrong

Bended Knee


Take a look inside yourself
Now what do you see
Are you fool of greed and lust
Well you’re just like me

Grace falls onto a bended knee
At His feet upon the skull
Grace fall onto a bended knee
To the cross I want to crawl

As you serve your selfish needs
Is your conscience fine
Are you squirming while you pray
Your prayers are just like mine

Mercies freely given
Do you hear the call
Yes your going to stumble
He’ll catch you when you fall

Take a look inside yourself
Now what do you see
Are you full of God’s own grace
Well you’re just like me

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