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       Broad is the Gate

     Lynch, Smith, Miller, Knowland, Johnson


Riding the edge of the night into darkness

Fading away in the sun

The roar of the Road King the wind in your face

The signs of a new day has dawned


The war in your sole never stops its invasion

And time never stands still for one

Like thousands of vandals approaching with terror

Know that your world is undone



Broad is the gate

That leads us into sorrow

Anguish and pain

Will fill each lonely day


Wide is the highway

That's paved with good intentions

Narrows the path

That leads us to the way


Cursing and sneering and spitting with hate

Trampling the ones who you love

Losing your grip now your life is in danger

Looking to heaven above

Tearing your robe with a fit so enraged

The cross road and gate opens wide

With boots on the ground when you’re posing for war

The road that you chose you decide


As the seasons change

The day's become so clear

Life goes racing on

So let me make this clear


As the seasons change

 A day a week a year

Life goes racing by

So let me make this clear




 Lynch, Smith, Miller, Knowland, Johnson


If I could change the past

Would I be who you see

As I re-live the past

The chains keep haunting me

To live a sinner’s life

And sin is all I see

And still you turn your face

On someone just like me


Hero Hero

Between the thunder and the night

The Hero comes The Hero saves

The hero brings new life


Oh when I see the path

As life’s toughing at me

Will I be free at last

Finally free of me

To live a sinners life

Yeah sins consuming me

And there your blood pours out

For someone just like me


We All Stand

 Lynch, Smith, Miller, Knowland, Johnson


No way

I’m given up

I’ll chase the final day

A path

 Before me now

Is there to light my way


In Him

I’m given  all

I’ll give it all away

You know

I’m living on for all eternity


We all stand

For the ever lasting King

Raising our hand to the throne

Blessed be

To the One who set me Free

Praises to Him all alone


Right now

The time is right

The season’s bout to change

On us

The Son has set

A harvest on the way


We stand

We hold it all

Until the coming day

We are

Dressed and robed

A bride for Him to save   


Demon Pill

Knowland, Miller, Smith, Lynch


I think about the

Tragic day you came to me

A love so wrong you set me free


The nightmare had its day

See you a different way


Your so-called love

Was jus a poison after all

But in the end I know

It’s you who’ll take the fall


The wounds are healing now

    But I don’t know how       


The devil drank with me

Was blind but now I see

The devil drank with me

One taste is all you’ll need


The ride was winding down

The pain was all too real

I took the demon pill to heal


The nightmare had its way

And now it’s here to stay


The devil drank with me

Was blind but now I see

The devil drank with me

One taste is all you’ll need

The devil drank with me

His grip was tightening

 You tried to seal my soul

But now I’m demon free







We Will Fight

Knowland, Miller, Lynch, Johnson


You say come join the fold today

The only truth the only way

But how you paint it pushes me away


The question still remains in mind

Misguided faith that leads the blind

My heart is broke and I can find my way


And I don’t know just what to say

(We Know the truth, that’s why we fight)

It sounds just like insanity


What you’re trying to say to me

Is hidden in a mystery

Alive for all the world to see

He’s calling out your name

(We Will Fight)

All the motions set in play

The rebirth of an older day

It’s time to give your self away

Your soul they will betray


The worldly ways leave me to blame

So many fears so many whys

I feel the shadows calling out my name

In a race that some will win

A finish line that’s razor thin

Apocalyptic final judgment day




Who You Are

 Lynch, Smith, Miller, Knowland, Johnson


I walked the streets last night

Distressed and feeling low

To seek the answer to my soul

And as I looked and saw

the star cut through the night

The answers I desired

were coming from a distant fire


So many times I’ve wasted

Long and lonely nights

To find a reason on my own

But in the turning pages

 Darkness turned to light

And then I saw the Star

I finally found out who You are


Oh You bare the scares

A shinning star is what You are

You spill Your life blood out for me

And with no dignity You took my shame

And I’m to blame

Oh Jesus I know who You are

You’re the bright and morning star




Reach The Sky

 Lynch, Smith, Miller, Knowland, Johnson


Tensions building as the earths about to blow

No one wants to be alive

Situations heated coming from below

Fists are clinched and men will die



Anarchy raging as a bowls about to spill

To give a dose of death to die

Bronze feet aglow as the armies spin their wheels

The demon dance is done the Son of Man we hear His cry


Every tongue and nation

They will knell this day

As they meet creation

His will, will have its way



Reach the sky

End of days

All bow down

So amazed


Never Same

Johnson, Lynch, Miller, Knowland


The candles burning

To deceive me in the night

My soul is yearning

To believe the things I can't find



A million times I've gazed into these eyes of betrayal

A million times you set me free


Yes it's true you'll never be the same again

 It's true you'll never be the same

All in time you struggle now as life rolls by

 It's true you'll never be the same never be the same


Countless endings

Leave me wanting in the mean time

Blood Forgiven

Broken shackles free for all time


My whole life I've lived in guilt for nothing

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